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All hands on deck in the NBA till March 20th

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Las Vegas Sports Picks

Welcome to Las Vegas Sports Picks. After working for one of the biggest sports books in Las Vegas for the last 30 years before retirement I found it important to stay active in the sports betting market in one way shape or form.

Thanks to an unregulated market compared to the stock market where there are rules, regulations, and restrictions I am able to use my inside information and connections that I have obtained over the last 30+ years to profit for my customers and I.

I am often asked if I bet on all of the games that are delivered to my clients and the answer is simply YES. When you win BIG I win BIG. Sometimes I bet a game so big however that it moves the line and if it’s not favorable for my clients after the line movement than I will not advise you to bet on the game.

My end result of putting dollars in your pocket is whats important to me.

Private Sports Picks

Privacy is very important to our runners and those I work with here on the Las Vegas Strip. Thanks to our connections we are able to obtain one of the highest winning percentages in the industry.

So get started today with our winning picks today with a free pick above available to any new clients. I am so sure that you will love my service that I am willing to give out a free trial to prove how incredible my sources of information right here in Las Vegas are.